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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


What type of Soil is best for constructing the house?

As per the Vaastu, the constructing of houses in various type of Soil have varied results in the life of the natives, who live in those houses.

1. Laterite Soil (Red Soil): The Red Color soil, which is dry in nature and has the smell of Barn (Cow shed) will provide the native with the lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

2. Alluvial Soil (White Soil): The White Color soil, which are very fertile and wet; and has the smell of Lotus, will provide excellent form of conservative lifestyle.

3. Regur Soil (Black Soil): The Black Color soil, which are wet, very fertile and rich in minerals; and also has the smell of agricultural produces, will provide excellent level of income.

4. Saline & Alkaline Soils: The White (or) brown colored soil, which are completely dry in nature; and has the excessive levels of saline and Alkaline; and has the taste (or) smell of Salts, will provide absolute poverty.

5. Aridisol (Desert Soil): The Dry soil deprived of organic matters (or) contains limited amount of organic matters will provide poverty, illness and death.

*Note the Soil should have less contents of sand and gravel; and must contain more amount of organic matters. This would guarantee safe, secured and quality lifestyle.  

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