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Saturday, 5 March 2016


Why the Dhruva Padam is important in "Vastu Astrology"?

As per the Vastu Astrology, the calculation of "Dhruva Padam" is primary but highly essential. In the Vastu Astrology, we are going to see "Matchings" (or) "Porutham" between the Land and the native, who owns it. This is a specific method like the way that we calculate the "Matchings" (or) "Porutham" between the "Boy" & Girl" for a successful and happier marriage. That is, we are going to find the various aspect of the native's life, while living in a particular Land site (or) the buildings constructed on it. Here the "Dhruva Padam" is the very important factor for many of the calculations under the "Vaastu Astrology"

How to calculate the "Dhruva Padam"?

Let us, calculate the "Dhruva Padam" using an example. Let us assume that the Land that a native is supposed to construct a house is 60 feet in width; and 40 feet in length.

1. Let us calculate the Area of the Plot:
Area of Plot:

60 feet x 40 feet = 2400 square feet

2. Divide the Area of the Plot by 9: The Quotient from the division is considered as "Dhruva Padam"

    2400/9 = 2400 - 2394 (266 x 9 = 2394) = 266 (Quotient) and 6 (remainder)

Hence the value of "Dhruva Padam" for this particular plot is "266"

In the next posts, we are going to find various results happening in the life of the natives, by living in this particular site by using the value of "Dhruva Padam" 

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