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Monday, 21 March 2016


How to calculate the age (Life Longevity) of your constructed Building? 

We can calculate the Life Longevity of the constructed buildings through the Vaastu Astrology. You need to multiply the value of "Dhruva Padam" by 27; and the multiplication value must be divided by 100. The Remainder value from the division is considered as the "Age" of the building that are constructed on the site.

Example 1:  Let us assume that your Area of your construction site is 2400 square feet (40 feet length x 60 feet width). The "Dhruva Padam" value of your Land site is 266 (already, we have seen the method to calculate the "Dhruva Padam".

Let us multiply the "Dhruva Padam" by 27: 

266 x 27 = 7,182

Let us divide the multiplication value by 100:

7,182/100 = Quotient is 71; the Remainder is 82.

Here the Age of the buildings that are constructed on the site is 82. Please find the following results under the "Age Test"

1. Poor Life Longevity: If the Remainder Value is 0 to 25, then the building will face death and destructions within 25 years from the year of the construction. 

2. Medium Life Longevity: If the Remainder Value is 25 to 50, then the building will have a life span that is below 50 years. The Occupants of the building that is constructed on the site with 2400 square feet as its "Area" will live in comfort. 

3. Good Life Longevity: If the Remainder Value is 50 to 100, then the building will last for longer period of duration. The Occupants of the building would be blessed with excellent wealth and good health; and would be gifted with wonderful peoples from the future generations. 

Author's Opinion: A building will face demolition (for various reasons) within the 0 to 25 years, if it gets value less than 25 during the "Age Test". Here the building constructed on the "Plot" that has 2400 square feet as its "Area" will last longer for generations.  

*Go to the Link to find the methods to calculate the "Dhruva Padam" How to calculate the "Dhruva Padam?"

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