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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Why is Vastu is important to our life in this World?

As per the Hindu Religion, the substances that are made in this world is made up of Earth (Land), Fire, Water, Air and Sky (Empty space). The substances (or) the objects that are available (or) created in this world would consists of these mixtures made out of sand (earth), fire, water, air (gas) and empty space. As per the Hindu Religion, all these 5 elements are governed by the deputies of the Lord Shiva. They are defined as:

1. Bhoomi Pootham (Land/Mass)
2. Agni Pootham (Fire)
3. Vayu Pootham (Air/Gas)
4. Neer Pootham (Water/Liquids)
5. Aksah Pootham (Sky/Emptiness/Vacuum)

Every living creatures including the humans and even micro-organisms are made up of these 5 elements. If the equilibrium is maintained properly in our body, then we can live happily without facing any health troubles. Similarly the Vastu Shastra tell us and guide us towards maintaining the equilibrium in our habitat @ our living place (houses).

Vastu is the art of constructing our home (living), office (working) and areas for relaxing in accordance of the nature @ it helps to live alongside nature. Thus the 5 elements of the nature would help us with our living/working/staying in this World in happier and healthier manner.

Benefits of Vastu: 

The buildings that are constructed as per the Vastu will provide the following benefits to the natives, who live there.

1. Good Health (Physically health)
2. Peaceful Life (Mentally healthy)
3. Good Life Longevity (No sudden (or) unexpected loss or damages).
4. Blessed Life (No deficiency on life necessities like money, food and water).
5. Happiness in the Family (no quarrelling among the family members).

In the next posts, we shall further study about the importance of the Vastu and Vastu through the Vedic Astrology. 

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