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What is Vastu Shastra?

Every living creature born in this World needs to have its own shelter during its lifetime. No one can live without any shelter. The Birds have its own nest and resting place. Even the different type of birds have different type of shelter. We have billions of living creatures living in the Sea. The Animals have their own habitat and resting places. Thus the Humans need to stay, live, work and rest at certain places in this World.

During the staying/working/living/resting in a particular place needs to be built in accordance with the nature. This would help the natives in the following ways.

1. The native would live happily and peacefully.

2. The native would live in a healthy manner, both mentally and physically.

3. The native would not be affected by unexpected problems (or) untoward incidents.

4. The native would get the needed life necessities for a happier and comfortable living without facing any hurdles.

A Shelter (@ House) being built as per the Vastu guidelines indicates that the peoples who live in the house live in accordance with nature. Thus the native would be living in a safe and secured environment blessed with good physical and mental health; peaceful coexistence with others; and contended lifestyle.

What is Vastu Astrology? 

Everybody things that the Vedic Astrology and the Vastu Shastra are two different subjects. But in a reality, the Vastu Shastra and the Vedic Astrology are part of the Hindu Vedas; and they remain interconnected. We can find out the quality of life (@ native's life standards) through the Vedic Astrology. Thus the Horoscope indicates the native's way of life (living/working/staying/resting) without visiting the actual place. That is, the Vastu can be defined and corrected through the Horoscope without visiting the actual site. In this blog, we are going to study both the Vedic Astrology and the Vastu shastra for better living conditions. Also we are going to explore many valuable informations to improve our lifestyle utilizing both the Vedic Astrology and also the Vastu Shastra. 

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